BIGBANG Interview (T.O.P’s Part) on Japanese Magazine, “Mini” June Edition

Q: Your blue hair has a big impact but is it hard to take care of?
-I don`t really do any hair care for it but the styling is difficult.

Q: How do you relax at home?
-I like to spend time alone so I watch movies or reflect on myself. My job is the kind to stand in front of people so i try to do mind control and strait out my mind.

Q: How is your room interior?
-It changes often, but now I’m reforming because I wanted it to have a classic European like mood.

Q: I’m secretly___. What goes in the space?
- A 14 year old boy. Even now, when 10 years have passed, I don’t think my way of thinking has changed from then.

Q: What kind of fashion on girls do you like?
-I get attracted to people who take in the recent style.

Q: How do you like girls, like the ones in Mini?(a magazine)
-They`re cute, Naruhodone (means “I see” in Japanese) /laughs/

Q:Did you buy anything in japan recently?
-I bought my mum shoes and clothes. I think they look good on her and I think “Great!” every time I see them. I think she will be very pleased.

Q: You`re very kind<3 Every woman would want a son like that!
-Really? Would you want me as a son?/laughs/

Q:Of course that would be great!!! Well then, which qualities do you like in a woman, voice or smell?
-Are there any men that smell a woman!? I think that the most important thing is, not the voice or smell or the looks, but that our personality matches. And I have both the good voice and smell so I’m good /laughs/

Q: Oops sorry… What is the one thing that you`re sure that you`re the best?
- Me when I’m up on stage. I’m sure that I can appeal myself well in front of the camera when we`re taking pictures, too.

Q: How manly! The women are bound to be lovestruck!
-/getting embarrassed, speaks in a small voice/ no no… That isn`t true…

Q: Who is the most likely to be a good dad?
-I think everyone can be. I think I would be able to be a good dad, good husband, too.

Q: Please give us a comment for our Mini readers!
-Aishitemasu! Minna zenbu aishitemasu! (I love you! I love you all!)

Scans source: e-ko-suntyan-bb
Translated by:

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